My overdue homework

I just uploaded my first assignment in my interior styling class and thought I'd share it here. I signed up for this with the intention of beefing up my photography skills and adding some more life to my current decor, but I didn't realize how much fun it would be!

Before shot

Before shot

You may recognize this room and the fabulous Whitney LeJeune piece on the wall from when I teamed up with Valspar to tell you about their Love Your Color Guarantee and worked with Christy Edens on transforming the room. I'm obsessed with these modular tables that come together to form a cocktail table* and can be separated for extra space during parties and such. Since we were supposed to style a coffee table for the assignment and the one in the family room is used as a launchpad or trampoline by my children on a daily basis, I moved the assignment to here.


The shots above are the ones I turned in (unfortunately the last one is quite crooked). But you know me. I obsess over things. I wound up with four different vignettes!


So, yeah. I went a little crazy. But it was incredibly fun.

*I know that "cocktail table" is technically an antiquated term and that most people say "coffee table", but if you use the table to entertain with cocktails and/or wine, why not? Plus, my mother always made a point to call it a "cocktail table"... it sort of stuck with me!