My Birthday-New Year Resolution

Today is the anniversary of the beginning of my life, which is often quite interesting, to me at least.  I've been blessed with wonderful family and friends. I have the chance to have amazing conversations with an extended circle of people who inexplicably seem to like what I have to say. I get to shoot emails off to creative people whom I admire and most of the time they will respond and give me an interview. Every day I am thrilled when I set down at my desk.  This is why I feel a tiny bit guilty about what I'm about to write. The first half of 2011 was thrilling for anyone who enjoys design.  The Kips Bay Decorator Show House provided innovative and prolific inspiration from some of the nation's top designers.  We also saw worldwide attention turned to brilliant talents such as 2Michaels and Jamie Herzlinger.  Experimentation with brighter, mood impacting color continued throughout the year as we enjoyed heady project from the likes of  Tobi Fairley and Tilton Fenwick.  The design world was positively electric.

Lately, however, I've been feeling a little bored.  Many of the blogs, online and print shelter magazines seem to be repeating themselves in their exaltation of bold colors, and Pantone's announcement of Tangerine as the color of the year seemed to only illicit polite applause.  The designers who are getting published in print are deserving for their innovation, creativity and hard work, but it seems that they are being pulled from a small pool that lacks diversity in vision, race and lifestyle outlook.  I'd like to hear more from designers in Harlem (i.e. Elaine Griffin, Barbara Saskia), Portland (Home of Maison)  and even Columbia, South Carolina (Verve, LGB Interiors).  Tell us what Tangerine means for designers of the Midwest, where the jarring winters cause design sensibilities to lean more toward the practical. Who is helping those clients translate such trends to fit their regional and individual needs?

It feels as though the design industry is on the edge of something.  It's either an explosion of new insight or a swing away from the surge in the mainstream media's interest in the topic.  The online shelter pioneer Lonny Magazine is reported to be having trouble, but on the other hand Rue is making great leaps into new readership and advertising.  Some of the great annual design events are making major changes in staff and approach. The tectonic plates of this creative world are getting ready to do something... let's hope it's something good.

In the meantime, my boredom has been showing a bit by my lack of attention to my dear CamilleMaurice. So, design and publishing worlds, I'll make a New Year's deal with you. Start showing us more original ways that the design trends can be translated and the different manners in which they influence. Throw in some new blood that looks more like the mixture of people who may hire or be influenced by their services.  Show us a project that really goes out on a limb.  As for my end of the deal, I'll be a better blogger and will also try to highlight these developments while opening the conversation up to the intelligent people who enjoy meaningful aesthetic discourse, who I'm blessed to have as readers.  I have a lot of 2012 projects pending, but I will not turn my attention away, especially if things become really interesting.  Do we have a deal? Because that would be the best birthday present I could ask for.